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Dodgeball Rules


Waivers: All players and participants must sign a waiver before playing their first game.

Sportsmanship Goal: Providing a safe and fun environment for the players. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
No swearing directly at another player or official.
No intentional acts of violence (pushing, shoving or intentional physical contact)
No verbal threats or comments to instigate an altercation with any person. The player will be suspended immediately from play and the park, and further game suspensions may follow and will not necessarily include or be limited to the player.
If at any time during a game if there are any concerns with the opposing team players, the team captain will address the issue with the other team captain with the presence of the official during a break or halftime. If the issue has not been resolved by the end of the game please forward any concerns to

-55 minute games (games may end in a tie)
-6 vs 6 (2 female minimum- 4 player minimum)
-2 balls per team to begin
-a player may only hold 1 ball at a time
-a caught ball= thrower out, catcher stays in and a teammate may return.
-returning players must return in the order they were out.
-once a ball hits the floor/wall it is dead, if the balls hits a player after it is dead the player remains in the game.
-a ball that hits one player may still hit a second/ third player and they will all be out. If a ball deflects off 1 player but is caught by a teammate, both players are safe.
-a player may use one ball to deflect another ball. If a ball is deflected and hits a teammate the player hit is out.
-players are only to throw balls, no hitting (spiking) or kicking balls at the opponent.
-headshots- a ball that hits a player above the shoulders doesn't count. However a ref may overrule this and call a player "out" if the person who is hit in the head was either ducking, bending over, or intentionally putting their head in the way of a ball.
-if a player tries to catch a ball but fumbles it/ touches is but does not keep possession of it the player is out.
-players must remain on their own side of the court. Players may grab a ball from the opponents side, but only if no part of their body touches the opponent's floor.
-players are not to intentionally squeeze the air out of the ball before throwing.
-once a player is holding a ball they must release it within 10 seconds (bouncing/ dribbling/ passing doesn't count)
-if teams are both down to 1 player a player must be eliminated within 1 minute, if 1 minute passes a player from each team will re-enter the game.
-players re-entering the game must re-enter in the same order they were eliminated.

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