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Spikeball Rules

NSSC Spikeball Rules

Sportsmanship Goal

Providing a safe and fun environment for the players. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.
No swearing directly at another player or official.
No intentional acts of violence (pushing, shoving or intentional physical contact)
No verbal threats or comments to instigate an altercation with any person. The player will be suspended immediately from play and the park, and further game suspensions may follow and will not necessarily include or be limited to the player.
If at any time during a game if there are any concerns with the opposing team players, the team captain will address the issue with the other team captain with the presence of the official or NSSC employee on site during a break or halftime. If the issue has not been resolved by the end of the game please forward any concerns to

General Overview: Spikeball is a team sport played by two teams consisting of two players each. Opposing team members line up across from each other with the Spikeball net in the center. A point begins when the server hits the ball off the net towards the opposing player. After the service, there are no sides or boundaries. The object of the game is to hit the ball off the net in such a way that the opposing team cannot successfully return it.

A team is allowed up to three touches to return the ball onto the net. Once the ball is played off the net, possession switches to the opposing team. The rally continues until a team is unable to legally return the ball. Players may move as they wish during a point, so long as they don't physically impede the opponent's play on the ball.

Sets are played to 21 points. The winning team must win by at least two points with there being no cap on how many points a set can go to. A full match is played to best 3 out of 5 sets. First team to win 3 sets, wins the match.


To start the game, captains will play rock, paper, scissors to determine who serves first.  

The serve must follow the "gentleperson's rule". A gentleperson's serve is served directly at the opponent receiving the serve, is served at a moderate pace, is served at a moderate height, and is designed to start the rally rather than to score a point. If a serve is deemed not a gentleperson's serve, the serve must be re-served. 

The serve must be served at the opponent directly across from the server.

The service line is 6 feet from the net.

If a serve misses the net, or hits the rim, the server must re-serve. 

If two consecutive serves are missed, the opposing team gets a point and it is their turn to serve.

Playing the Ball:

During a rally, the ball cannot be caught at any time. The ball must be struck, not caught, or thrown. If a ball is held in one's hand for too long, the other team gets the point. If there is an argument about whether the ball was held too long, simply re-serve that point.

The ball can be contacted with any part of the body.

A team is entitled to 3 contacts before the ball must be played back onto the net.

No player can touch the ball more than once consecutively. A contact must be played back on the net, or to your teammate. 

The ball can be played back onto the net on the first, second, or third contact.

If the ball touches the rim of the net at any point, the point is lost by the team that played the ball. 

If the ball touches the ground at any point, the rally is over, and the point is given.

The ball can be played in any direction off the net.

Boundaries, Positions, and Hinders:

There are no outs in Spikeball. A ball can be played from anywhere as long as it is being played within the rules.

To start a rally, players must line up in a square-like formation around the net with each player being ~6 feet away from the net.

During the rally, players are permitted to move anywhere. 

The players whose turn it is to play the ball are entitled to freedom from interference by the opponents. This means that the players from the team that are not currently playing the ball MUST make every effort to give the players playing the ball:


Unobstructed direct access to the ball after completion of a reasonable follow- through


Freedom to hit the ball with a reasonable swing

If an interference does occur, the player playing the ball can stop play, call hinder, and a re-serve is given.

If a player is purposefully interfering with players from the other team, the rally is over and the other team receives a point. If it continues to happen, please contact the NSSC staff on site to resolve the issue.


Games will be played rain or shine.

If there is thunder and lightning, games will be stopped immediately and players should take shelter safely. We will wait up to an hour for the thunder/lightning to stop. If it does not stop, games will be cancelled for that day. If it does stop, play can safely resume back onto the playing field.


The nets will be setup prior to team's arrival and a ball will be given to your court when captains arrive.

A scoresheet will be on site. It is the teams responsibilities to make sure that scores and results are put on that scoresheet after the match.

If you have any issues, please find the NSSC employee on site. If you feel your issue is unresolved, please send us an email to and we will help you the best we can!

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